Photo Album




Taken in 2004, a much younger Greg in Fallujah, Iraq with three M198 Howitzers in the background.





Taken in 2005 at the Marine Corps Ball, Greg in his dress blue uniform.








Taken in 2008, sleeping in his off time atop Magnolia Mountain in Rutbah, Iraq in between listening/observation shifts.



Taken in 2004, Greg in Fallujah, Iraq after having just eaten a cherry Jolly Rancher.




Taken in 2008, Greg (second from the right) with members of his squad Palehorse 1/1 just after a foot patrol through the city of Rutbah Iraq.


Greg (second from the right) pictured with his brother Nick (third from the left) and some friends in Nashville, Tennessee before a night on the town.



Greg (left) with his younger brothers Nick and Chris when they were still somewhat innocent.




Greg with his mother, Cindy Ronan, and his father, Gary Kuehn upon returning home to Chattanooga, TN from Iraq in 2005.




Greg (top right) with friends from his gun section, Gun 5, in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004.




A soccer picture of Greg from his high school days.






Greg playing guitar at home.

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